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Plastic Pallets

SEFER HELLAS is the center of the plastic pallet, has a wide range of products and solutions to meet your every need and requirement. Plastic pallets are a worthy replacement for wooden pallets and are fully in line with modern supply chain management methods. They are suitable for the proper management , transport and storage of all kinds of goods and products. They are manufactured using the most modern manufacturing methods, are offered in primary and reclaimed material, have a wide range of configurations and present different quality characteristics in order to find the most suitable solution to your every requirement.

They offer:

• Fast cost recovery.
• Fast cost savings.
• They are manufactured from primary or recycled plastic.
• They are not affected by acids, solvents, fats and odours.
• They have no nails, spikes and wood residues.
• They are ideal for automated systems and pulping mechanisms.
• No repair and maintenance costs are required.
• Suitable for stacking outdoors thus offering savings on indoor storage space.